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    New publication: Timing of exercise matters for cardiovascular health

  • 23 project in a nutshell – The BioClock meeting!

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    Special issue Nutrients: Effects of healthy on Chronic Diseases

  • Photo by Maaike van der Rhee

    Shiftwork messes with the biological clock. Maaike searches for solutions.

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    Seeing Stars: lights off, stars (and nature) on

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    A one-year-update: Gali on the timing of exercise in humans

  • Image by Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash

    A one-year-update: Ayano on the timing of exercise

  • Image by Gabriel Charvalakis

    Insects in the spotlight: Gabriel studies the impact of light at night on the clocks and behavior of insects

  • Image by Inge Snijders

    Inge wants to find chemical ways to target the biological clock

  • The BioClock Academy!

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