• Kornelija wants to know everything about the effects of light on animals and humans

  • Image by Ivanka Spruijt

    How does light affect the clock of insects? An important question in Ivanka’s project

  • Oana-Georgiana investigates how light therapy works in our brain

  • JorineRoelants

    Pediatric resident Jorine studies methods to strengthen the clocks of preterm babies

  • Disturbance of the circadian rhythm in Western society – an honours project

  • Image by Tony tran unsplash

    Suffering from sleep problems as a student? Join the i-Sleep & BioClock online program.

  • Image by Hans van Kooten

    BioClock has started!

  • Image by Hannah Broeckx

    Hannah studies how light at night may contribute to the loss of insects

  • Image by Milad Fukarian unsplash

    Latest insight – How the human biological clock responds to light

  • image by ward vleeshouwers

    Ward investigates the role of the circadian system in antitumor immunity

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