Bioclock Academy

What is the bioclock academy?

  • The BioClock Academy are monthly online seminars in which researchers in the field of chronobiology speak about a topic related to the biological clock, with a key focus to introduce basic concepts and understanding of biological rhythms. This includes topics within chronobiological fields of medicine, ecology, psychology and biomedical sciences.

  • When?

    Seminars take place every third Wednesday of the month, from 16:00-17:00 (GMT+1, Amsterdam). The 60 minute seminars (40 min. talk + 20 min. discussion) are free to join and take place via Zoom.

  • By who?

    Organized by the BioClock Academy Committee, with scientists from the consortium and around.

  • For whom?

    Our goal is to educate early career scientists who are new to the field of chronobiology. But, everyone is welcome to join!

  • How to attend?

Upcoming seminar

This lecture will take place at 12:00 instead of (the regular) 16:00!

Ellen is an ecologist and the Research and Innovation Manager at the Nelson-Marlborough Institute in New Zealand. Until recently she was Director of Education and Assistant Professor at the Institute for Environmental Science at Leiden University, the Netherlands. Her work has included analyses of climate, vegetation and species traits data sets, controlled environment experiments and measurements along environmental (e.g. elevation, temperature, water and nutrient availability) and land-use gradients. She has broad research interests centered on understanding species’ responses to their environment. After moving from the relatively dark New Zealand to the intensely bright night sky of western Europe in late 2015, she became interested in the ecological impacts of artificial light at night. Artificial light at night is the fastest growing type of pollution. Light pollution affects the behavior and ecology of many different species. Her research is looking to improve our understanding of the effects of light pollution on plant communities, and mechanisms through which light pollution affects interactions between species in the food web – and how we can minimise these effects.

The title of her talk is:

“Illuminating disruptors of the plant clock”

Image by Hans van Kooten


April 19, 2023

Dr. Cieraad

Dr. Ellen Cieraad

Nelson-Marlborough Institute

Topic: Clocks & plants

May 17, 2023

Laura Kervezee profiel

dr. Laura Kervezee

Leiden University Medical Centre

Topic: Clocks & physiology

June 21, 2023

Dr. Niki Antypa

Dr. Niki Antypa

Leiden University

Topic: Clocks & mental health

July & August


Past seminars

Seminar 1 – Central circadian clock – Prof. Johanna Meijer

Academy lecture, on September 21 (’22) by Prof. J.H. Meijer, LUMC: “The neuronal network organization of the central circadian clock”

Seminar 2 – Clocks in ecology – Dr. ir. Kamiel Spoelstra

Academy lecture on October 19 (’22) by Dr. ir. K. Spoelstra, NIOO-KNAW: “Clocks in ecology”

Seminar 3 – Molecular clocks – Dr. Ines Chaves

Academy lecture on November 16 (’22) by Dr. Ines Chaves, Erasmus MC: “Molecular Clocks; zooming in on circadian rhythms”

Seminar 4 – entrainment by light – prof. Roelof Hut

Academy lecture on January 18 (’23) by prof. Roelof Hut, University of Groningen: “Light entrainment of circadian clocks”

Seminar 5 – Brain clock – prof. Andries Kalsbeek

Academy lecture on February 15 (’23) by prof. Andries Kalsbeek, Amsterdam UMC: “The ins and outs of the central brain clock”