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BioClock committees

The BioClock consortium is a large collaboration between researchers from many different disciplines and located in different areas of the country. Additionally, it involves a close collaboration with non-academic partners to jointly reach the aim: to keep the biological clock healthy in our modern society. To stimulate collaboration but also to create impact after scientific results, several committees have been installed. An overview of these committees can be found below. Questions about these committees can be addressed at

Scientific advisory board

A scientific advisory board has been installed to advise the project management at any given time. The aim of this board is to further support the goals hat have been set to achieve scientific and societal impact. The committee consists of international prominent researchers covering all BioClock themes:

  • Prof. dr. Susan Golden – UC San Diego
  • Prof. dr. Martha Merrow – Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
  • Prof. dr. Till Roenneberg – Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
  • Prof. dr. John Hogenesch – Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
  • Prof. dr. Kevin Gaston – University of Exeter
Communication committee

Several BioClock trainees constitute the communication committee, aiming to stimulate the outreach of BioClock breakthroughs. The current members are:

  • Ayano Shiba – NIN Amsterdam
  • Jeroen van der Leijé – LUMC, projectmanagement BioClock
Event committee

Several BioClock trainees participate in the event committee which aims to organize small or big events for fellow trainees or the public. The committee is supervised by Jeroen van der Leijé, project manager BioClock. The current members are:

  • Demy van Gilst – Erasmus MC
  • Gali Albalak – LUMC
Trainee update committee

To stimulate collaboration and to increase the group cohesion between BioClock trainees, the trainee update committee organizes online meetings. The committee is supervised by Anneloes Opperhuizen, project manager. The current members are:

  • Ward Vleeshouwers – LUMC
  • Sander Buddendorf – NIOO Wageningen
BioClock Academy committee

The BioClock class committee will organize international accessible lectures by senior scientists covering basic principles of chronobiology. The committee is supervised by Anneloes Opperhuizen, project manager. The current members are:

  • Laura Pape – LU
  • Oana-Georgiana Rus-Oswald – LU
  • Hannah Broeckx – UvA
Executive Board

All important decisions concerning the consortium are taken by the executive board which consists of the project management team, work package leaders and a trainee representative. The current members are:

  • Trainee representative: Evelien Castrop – LU
  • Joke Meijer – LUMC
  • Laura Kervezee – LUMC
  • Jeroen van der Leijé – LUMC
  • Niki Antypa – LU
  • Kamiel Spoelstra – NIOO Wageningen
  • Dries Kalsbeek – NIN/Amsterdam UMC
  • Linda van Kerkhof – Erasmus MC/RIVM
  • Roelof Hut – RUG
  • Bert Bredeweg – HvA
  • Ines Chaves – Erasmus MC
  • Jacco Wallinga – RIVM
  • Laura Heitman – LU
  • Astrid Groot – UvA
  • Bert van der Horst – Erasmus MC
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The BioClock Consortium is funded by the NWA-ORC programme of the Dutch Research Council (NWO; project number 1292.19.077).