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Losing the darkness – a Science Special Issue on Light Pollution

February 12, 2024

Light is the main Zeitgeber for the circadian clock, of many organisms. The endless exposure to light, including during the nighttime, is disruptive for the function of circadian clocks everywhere in nature. This research is one of the pillars of the BioClock Consortium. Now, in June ’23, the high impact and world-renowned journal of Science has published a special issue on this topic: Light pollution.

We are unable to share the papers here, but are definitely worthwhile to read. It includes a review by dr. Annika Jagerbrand and dr. Kamiel Spoelstra (BioClock cluster 3 leader) on ‘Effects of anthropogenic light on species and ecosystems’.

Jointly, Science has created a podcast on Why it’s tough to measure light pollution:

To read the articles, you may find them here:

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