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Bioclock at The Night of Discoveries!

February 12, 2024

Last Saturday, the BioClock researchers Merlijne Smit and Laura Kervezee were at the arts and science festival The Night of Discoveries. On this beautiful summer evening, they performed a short public outreach activity at the Hortus Botanicus in Leiden. The festival visitors could do a short online test to discover whether they are a morning or evening person. They could show their result by placing a sticker on a poster, which provided a nice overview of the sleep-wake rhythm of the visitors at the end of the evening. The activity was evaluated on sight in an interactive way: over 200 visitors expressed their opinion by throwing a coin in one of the voting containers. The results of the evaluation will be used to set up an even more interesting activity in the future.

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The BioClock Consortium is funded by the NWA-ORC programme of the Dutch Research Council (NWO; project number 1292.19.077).