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Book – The clock with a thousand hands

February 12, 2024
De klok met duizend wijzers by Bertram en De Leeuw

A new Dutch book about the biological clock will be released on October 20 – De klok met duizend wijzers, translated to The clock with a thousand hands – How the biological clock influences your life. Anneloes Opperhuizen and Marijke Gordijn wrote the book that explains what the biological clock is, how it works and how it is discovered. They also describe how the clock influences physiological processes such as energy metabolism and immunity, but also behavior such as sleep. The book provides tips on how to use the knowledge of the clock in your daily life, but also what happens when we do not listen to our internal clock. For instance when we travel, work at night or change to Daylight Saving Time.

The book is available in Dutch only (for now) and available in bookstores across the Netherlands and Belgium. When you want to order from abroad, you can approach the publisher.

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