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The BioClock Academy

February 12, 2024

We are proud to present the BioClock Academy! On the 21st of September, 2022, we will kickoff with a monthly online seminar aiming for an introduction to basic concepts and understanding of biological rhythms. For anyone who is relatively new to the field of chronobiology, certain concepts may be challenging to grasp. With our Academy, we will tackle those issues with seminars by experienced researchers.

the first seminar will be held by professor Johanna H. Meijer, the coordinator of the BioClock Consortium and an absolute expert on the topic of the central circadian pacemaker, the suprachiasmatic nucleus.

The seminars occur every third Wednesday of the month, are free for everyone to attend and are organized by the BioClock Academy committee. More information can be found on the BioClock Academy page.

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The BioClock Consortium is funded by the NWA-ORC programme of the Dutch Research Council (NWO; project number 1292.19.077).