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Emma Visser

Emma Visser

About Emma






January 2022

Works at

Eindhoven University of Technology

Supervision Team
  • Dr. Luc Schlangen
  • Prof. Yvonne de Kort
  • Prof. Machteld Marcelis
  • dr. Niki Antypa

Description of project

I will work at Eindhoven University of Technology. In my project we will optimize of light therapy and chronobiological interventions for patients with depression. I work in close collaboration with my colleagues at the GGZe, as well as Leiden University and LUBEC, to examine how the application of light therapy changes a patients circadian rhythm and how this is related to their depressive symptoms.

The ultimate goal is to establish clear guidelines for the use of light therapy in clinical practice, for which we perform research on the technical application of light therapy (e.g. perfecting the timing of the therapy in relation to a personal day/night rhythms) and gather insight into the optimal target group.

Find Emma’s personal introduction here.

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