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Dutch Chronobiology Meeting

April 22 – 2024 – Amsterdam

On April 22, 2024 the annual Chronobiology meeting will take place in the oldest zoo and botanical garden of The Netherlands: Natura Artis Magistra, or in short Artis. A full day symposium, focusing on the research on circadian biology and biological rhythms.

The program is filled with a variety of researchers, covering the wide spectrum of chronobiology in nightshifts, therapies and responses in humans, animals, fish, insects, plants, etc.. And from the abstracts submitted we have made a selection to give an oral presentation.  Alternatively, you enjoy a variety of poster presentations during the breaks and lunch.

We have Professor Astrid Groot (UvA Amsterdam) giving a lecture on ‘the Effects of light pollution on circadian rhythms in night-active butterflies, central players in nature’s foodweb’. Dr Heidi Lammers-van der Holst (Erasmus MC, Rotterdam) will keep you awake with a lecture on ‘Optimizing sleep and health in shift workers; lifestyle intervention studies in practice’ and Prof dr Wilbert Zwart (NKI Amsterdam) will tell ‘A story on how circadian rhythm regulators are hijacked by cancer cells for their survival’.

We are very pleased to have Prof. dr Annie Curtis (Professor of Immunology at RCSI) giving the keynote lecture titled

“Watching the clock; impact of circadian rhythms on innate immune function, from inflammation to vaccination”

The program is topped off with a variety of presentations by young researchers in the field. With this program we offer a wide spectrum of all the chronobiology work that is done in the Netherlands and inspire others to advance chronobiology research and implementation of research results in society.

Click here for the full program

Registration: is closed because the capacity limit is reached.

The venue: The Groote Museum in Artis Zoo, is located at the Plantage Middenlaan 41 in Amsterdam. (This is just around the corner from the main entrance of Artis!!) The location is very easy to reach via public transport. Artis has its own parking facility at a parking fee of € 15.00 per day.

This day is organized and funded by NWO/ the BioClock consortium, a 6 year research project on the effects of the biological clock, light pollution, night shifts and therapies on  humans, animals, insects, fish and plants.

For questions, contact us at

We hope to see you on April 22!

Dirk Jan Stenvers (Amsterdam UMC), Andries Kalsbeek (Amsterdam UMC & NIN), Susanne la Fleur (Amsterdam UMC & NIN), Chun-Xia Yi (Amsterdam UMC), Joke Meijer (LUMC & BioClock), Laura Kervezee (LUMC & BioClock), Jeroen van der Leijé (LUMC & BioClock)